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The AIDA Cruises company

The AIDA Cruises company

The AIDA Cruises company

AIDA Cruises is one of the fastest-growing and financially successful tourism companies in Germany and in 2018 employed 11,200 staff from 50 nations, of which 9,800 were based aboard the ships and 1,400 at the company offices in Rostock and Hamburg. With thirteen cruise ships (as of December 2018), AIDA Cruises operates one of the most modern fleets in the world. One of the main challenges that AIDA Cruises has set itself is to make cruises even more sustainable. We support the climate targets set out in the Paris Agreement and those of the International Maritime Organization, and invest millions of euros year after year in the development and introduction of new, more efficient environmental technologies on board our ships to bring down the emissions of the entire fleet as much as possible. AIDA Cruises consistently pursues the long-term goal of making cruise shipping carbon-neutral and efficient in its use of resources. With each new investment in innovative and resource-efficient technology, we perform pioneering work and take one step closer to this goal.

With its Green Cruising strategy, AIDA Cruises began investing in the research and development of sustainable drive technologies such as LNG and the use of shore power at an early stage.

Together with partners from the science and business sectors, for the last ten years and more we have focused on researching and using low-emission liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the cruise industry. Using LNG means emissions of particulates and sulfur oxides can be avoided almost entirely, while emissions of nitrogen oxides and CO2 are substantially reduced. On December 12, 2018, we completed another technological leap with the launch of AIDAnova, the first cruise ship in the world capable of running solely on low-emission LNG. Two further AIDA ships of this new generation will join the fleet by 2023, which will be built by at the MEYER WERFT in Papenburg.

AIDA Cruises is one of the nine successful cruise lines that make up the publicly listed Carnival Corporation & plc., the largest cruise shipping group in the world, and is part of the European firm Costa Crociere S.p.A. (Costa Group) - Europe’s leading cruise operator. As a subsidiary of a publicly listed company, AIDA Cruises does not report on the occupancy rate, operative results or specific developments of the company.

The procedure for generating the quarterly reviews of our business activities is uniform across the corporation. All business results and trends are reported to the management board of AIDA and the Carnival Corporation. More details can be found at

The economic success of AIDA Cruises is based on trustworthy business relations and compliance with strict ethical standards. The company is committed to the standards set out in the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

Carnival Maritime

Carnival Maritime GmbH, a subsidiary of the Costa Group, has its headquarter in Hamburg. As a Marine Service Unit, the company manages the nautical and technical operation of the 28 cruise ships (as of June 2019) belonging to the cruise lines that make up the Costa Group - AIDA Cruises, Costa Cruises and Costa Asia. Carnival Maritime combines international expertise and best practices in the fields of seafaring, technology development and HESS (Health, Environment, Safety, Security) in order to ensure compliance with and implementation of the highest international and internal safety standards in the cruise industry for our fleet, and continuously to develop the latter further based on the latest scientific discoveries. The Fleet Operations Center (FOC) plays a leading role in this, which is available around the clock for the ships. Since September 2016, the FOC is taking care of the ships belonging to P&O Cruises and Cunard Line, two further cruise lines that belong to the Carnival Group, as well.

Our approach to sustainability

Our sustainability program is managed centrally but implemented on a decentralized basis. It is incorporated in every level of the company and is implemented by each and every department. Our integrated management system supports the optimization process focusing on our objectives.

Our sustainability program always takes into consideration the latest ecological, social and economic developments. Our target setting reflects our ambition to continue to set the benchmarks of sustainability in the cruise line industry. Accordingly, there is very close interaction between the individual specialist departments of the company. We have been holding regular open discussions on a range of issues concerning the sustainability of the specialist departments for several years now, which can take the form of round table discussions or “lunch and learns”. At these meetings our employees can find out about, interact with and provide input into the projects of other departments. We give our employees the opportunity to share in a focused manner their ideas and suggestions for improving sustainability on land and at sea in a range of ways, for example through an email address created specifically for this purpose. Constructive ideas and project proposals are discussed with the management board of AIDA Cruises so that they too are included in our sustainability program.

Each member of the Executive Board bears part of the economic, environmental and social responsibility for the sustainability commitment of AIDA Cruises. All corporate departments work together to implement our sustainability strategy and implement management decisions.

We assume responsibility for people and the environment at AIDA Cruises. We perceive sustainability as a process of al-round quality which we continually develop and enhance. We examine and optimize our operations continually taking into account our own requirements, new legal provisions and technical advances. Interaction within the company and dialog with our partners form the basis for this ongoing self-analysis.

Our intention is to always exceed our expectations that our guests’ have regarding an AIDA holiday. The safety of guests and crew always has topmost priority at AIDA. Our aim is to guarantee safe ship operations at all times, to be a technological pioneer, to promote diversity and attractive working conditions as well as setting up life-cycle management for all our products.

Conscientious, sustainable conduct

At AIDA, sustainability covers more than just using innovative technology - it is an established practice both on land and at sea. Whether it’s for ship equipment, an excursion program or product purchasing, ensuring environmental compatibility is a key factor in all our decisions and an indicator of all-round quality. We also educate our employees and guests on how to act sustainably.